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Dolphin Watching In Costa Rica

Enjoy Dolphin Watching in Costa Rica

Dolphin watching in Costa Rica is a pastime that both tourists and residents enjoy. The beautiful waters along the Costa Rican coast are teaming with marine life of many kinds, including dolphins. And at any time of the year, it’s not uncommon to see the telltale signs of dolphins swimming off the coast in the Costa Rican waters.
If you’re fortunate enough, you might be able to enjoy dolphin watching in Costa Rica from your vacation rental high atop a mountainside, using a simple pair of binoculars. However, many visitors to Costa Rica take advantage of the paid boat rentals and charter boats that will take you out to where the dolphins normally swim. Excursions like these are almost always guaranteed to produce a successful day of dolphin watching in Costa Rica. Just be ready with your camera, because you are sure to see grand sights that you never expected.

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