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Plan A wedding in Costa Rica

How to Plan a Wedding in Costa Rica

If you don’t live in Costa Rica it can seem overwhelming to try and plan a wedding here. However, since Costa Rica is a very popular wedding destination, there are plenty of local businesses that can help, including dress shops, caterers, florists and clergy. Wedding planners stay business all year long in this tropical paradise.
One big consideration, however, is getting your guests to your wedding. Thankfully, flights to Costa Rica are very reasonable. Also, your Costa Rican wedding planner can help you get the necessary information to those you’re planning to invite. Whether you’ll pay for airfare or your guests will pay their own way, your planner will help you organize the important details.
When you’re ready to plan a wedding in Costa Rica, please reach out to us. We have the knowledge and the experience you need to bring a wedding off without a hitch. Picture your dream wedding on a sunny Costa Rican beach, and help you make it a reality.

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