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Taking a Tour of Kekoldi Waterfall

The Kekoldi Waterfall Region is located in the Indigenous Reserve, which is a very wild part of Costa Rica. To get an idea of how hidden this beautiful Kekoldi waterfall is, the hike to get there takes about 2 ½ hours. However, when you arrive at the Kekoldi Waterfall you’ll realize the effort was worth the view.
When taking a tour of Kekoldi Waterfall, make sure you bring a few personal supplies to ensure your own safety and comfort during the hike. This includes remembering to bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated. It also means wearing comfortable shoes such as hiking boots with thick soles. Wear a hat to help shield your face from the sun to avoid sunburn and headache. Finally, make sure you wear something that you won’t mind getting wet, because you will certainly want to go for a swim once you finally reach your destination.

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