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Visit GANDOCA Wildlife reserve´s

Why Visit Gandoca Wildlife Reserve’s Location in Costa Rica?

The Gandoca Wildlife Reserve is one of the most amazing sites in all the world, let alone in Costa Rica. Any visit to this tropical location should include a visit to Gandoca Wildlife Reserve’s pristine and protected area.
Why? This region is home to some of the rarest flora and fauna that you will find anywhere in the entire world. Here, you will see wildlife and plant life that you may never see again once you leave Costa Rica. This is a completely protected area where visitors are lucky to see animals and plants that are among the rarest on earth. Once you’ve seen all there is to see here, it’s difficult to forget it.
The forest itself is comprised of 740 protected acres. There is also a pristine beach that stretches for 10 km, and inn the waters off this beach is a coral reef simply teeming with marine life. You’ll even experience two swamps that provide nesting grounds for turtles.

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